About Us

When something is beautiful, it has the capacity to inspire us.  It brings us happiness, joy, peace, a sense of victory.  It may inspire creativity, and it may inspire us to come up higher and be more of who we really are.

An excellently executed piece of jewelry that is truly beautiful actually has the ability to attract light, store light, and transmit light.  This is the origin of our name, Designs of Light.

Puffed Heart, Pave Diamond Heart Collection
Pendants, Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces
One of our favorite projects has long been our puffed heart collection, which includes pave diamond heart necklaces, pave diamond heart rings, and pave diamond heart earrings.  Over a period of approximately 30 years, we have created an enormous variety of fine jewelry pieces that fit into this collection.  Many of these pieces could be considered custom jewelry, meaning they were produced according to one customer’s desire, but the bulk of our diamond heart jewelry has been made in five basic patterns.
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Diamond and Platinum Eternity Collection
Earrings, Rings, Pendants, Riviera Necklaces
These beautiful diamond earrings are designed to have the appearance of continuous diamonds inside and out and are considered part of our eternity collection.  The platinum in which the diamonds are set is fashioned in a series of arcs, creating a light and lacy effect.  While the lacy effect of the intricate platinum work is attractive, the earrings are carefully designed to make the diamonds the central focus.
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