About The Designer

Designs by Keith Stevens

First and foremost, we require that every one of our jewelry pieces be excellent in its execution. We strive to come as close to perfection as is humanly possible on every one of our projects, whether the project is custom jewelry or a piece of jewelry that we are designing as part of our own line. But, excellent execution, sometimes referred to as quality, is by itself, not enough.

Every piece of jewelry should be a reflection of Heaven.

It is my perspective, and also the perspective of everyone who works with me, that every piece of jewelry should be beautiful.  It is not enough that a piece be strange, clever, or unique.  It is also not enough that it be well made.  It must be beautiful.  Some will say that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  And, indeed it is.  But this phrase means something different than most people supposed.  It means that if you have beauty within you, you can see and identify beauty outside of yourself.  It does not mean that just because one person declares something to be beautiful, it is, in fact beautiful.  Beauty is a divine quality, like truth.

When something is beautiful, it has the capacity to inspire us.  It brings us happiness, joy, peace, a sense of victory.  It may inspire creativity, and it may inspire us to come up higher and be more of who we really are.

An excellently executed piece of jewelry that is truly beautiful actually has the ability to attract light, store light, and transmit light.  This is the origin of our name, Designs of Light.

Fine Jewelry Manufacture & Design

At Designs of Light, we are committed to every jewelry piece that we produce being excellent in quality and in beauty.