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Welcome to the home page of Designs of Light.  We are designers and manufacturers of beautiful, high-end fine-quality jewelry.  We specialize in pave puffed diamond hearts, diamond setting, custom jewelry, handmade diamond line bracelets, Riviera necklaces and diamond tennis bracelets.  There are many designs that have become our standbys, and these we can make at competitive prices.  We are also very adept at helping you to design your special piece of custom jewelry.  Such projects, we will openly admit, are generally expensive, as each custom piece is ‘one of a kind,’ or in effect a prototype.

Beauty and Excellence

Our passion is beauty and excellence.  We strive to create jewelry endowed with beauty that is much more than skin deep.  Our goal is always to create jewelry that is blessed with inner beauty as well as outer beauty.  Just as a truly beautiful person must be beautiful inside as well as outside, so it is with our jewelry.  Therefore, while we finish the outer surfaces of our jewelry to an extreme degree, we finish the interiors just as carefully and meticulously.  In fact, often the interior receives greater attention than the exterior because, of course, the exterior is far easier to access and therefore far easier to work with.

Timeless Beauty

We also strive to create jewelry that will last virtually forever.  We use only the finest materials, and only the best techniques, so that all of our jewelry is durable.  Any one of our pieces can be expected to serve as an heirloom that can be passed along your family line for many generations.  In addition to the requirement that our jewelry last structurally, we require that it stand the test of time in design.

Beauty is Always Fashionable

Our designs are of the sort that never go out of fashion.  We do not make trendy jewelry.  If something is truly beautiful, it does not ever go out of fashion.  Beauty is always fashionable.  Would you want to live in a world where beauty was not fashionable?

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