Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry that we make is a work of art.  Each piece of custom Jewelry that we design for someone or with someone is a custom work of art.  We are ready to help you realize your dream of a custom work of art to wear.  We can work closely with you to perfect your design or to turn your concept into a design that can be manifest in the physical as a beautiful piece of jewelry that is practical and comfortable to wear.

Every Custom Piece is unique.

Our skills do perhaps show to their best advantage through our custom jewelry. Each piece has a unique set of challenges and requirements. We start in the design, creating sketches, taking measurements, choosing the materials. Then we begin to map out the architecture of the piece. Our pieces are perceived as miniature cathedrals of light. As was done with classical architecture, we seek to have the strongest support and structure possible, while having the greatest penetration of light. The colonnades, galleries, arcades, and azures we create enhance the radiance of each stone while giving an impression of lace in their refined lines.

We Will Work With You to Create Your Dream.

Having made thousands of individual custom jewelry pieces, we have become quite adept at working with our customers to produce the nuances of each design.  We can therefore confidently offer our services in producing for you the jewelry design you have imagined, or that we can help you imagine.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concept that you would love to see manifest in form.

Custom Blue Sapphire Pavé Engraved Platinum Ring

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