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Jewelry Designers

We are not a jewelry store, but an excellent jewelry workshop, for designing beautiful high-end top-quality jewelry.  We are jewelry designers and jewelry manufacturers, producing the finest jewelry available anywhere.  This is the workshop where we make and design that jewelry.  We are the actual manufacturers, not a jewelry store, and as such, do not keep regular open hours, but are available by appointment, and ready to serve all of your desire for beauty and excellence.

Jewelry Workshop

When we set up our shop we refinished each of the rooms for optimum efficiency as well as esthetic appeal. It is our belief that the environment a person works in influences the products they create. As we desire to create pieces of jewelry that radiate light and beauty, we have arranged our shop to have as much natural light as possible, which our thriving shop plants are heartily thankful for. Visitors to our shop have commented that it feels like a place of healing or meditation. This is by intention. Just as professional athletes have to be able to reach and maintain ‘the zone’ in order to perform at their highest potential, our jewelers create masterpieces while in ‘the zone.’

Manufacturing Jewelry

Being in ‘the zone’ has also been called, being in ‘flow’ by psychologists since Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi used the term to describe the experience in 1975. This experience involves great clarity of mind, a removal of one’s attention from external concerns and a narrowed focus towards a goal or activity. For some it is almost meditative in their feeling of calm and certainty. For others it is an energizing and euphoric experience. Whichever experience an individual may have, it is agreed that it is while in this state that the peak of performance can be achieved and masterpieces created.

Fine Jewelry Manufacture & Design


Exacting care and attention are given to the grace of each piece. It is our goal to provide you with heirloom quality pieces which reign exquisite through the centuries.


Whether you are considering one of our current designs, or are interested in having a custom piece designed and created, we are able to work with you through every stage so you are presented with a truly exceptional piece.


With jewelry manufacturing experience spanning more than 75 years, our shop is capable of producing pieces of great complexity and exquisite beauty.

About the Designer

Keith Stevens

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Jewelry Created With Love

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