Custom Blue Sapphire Pavé Engraved Platinum Ring
Custom , Diamond , Engraved , Pavé , Platinum , Ring , Sapphire , Solitaire

Sapphire Solitaire, Pavé & Engraved

Custom , Diamond , Engraved , Platinum , Ring , Solitaire

Diamond & Platinum Ring

Custom , Diamond , Heart , Necklace , Pavé , Pendant , Platinum

Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Necklace

Bracelet , Custom , Diamond , Platinum

Diamond Bracelets

Custom , Diamond , Eternity , Necklace , Platinum , Riviera

Diamond Riviere Necklaces Set in Platinum or Gold $15K

Custom , Diamond , Eternity , Pavé , Platinum , Ring , Solitaire

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Custom , Diamond , Platinum , Ring , Three Stone

3 Stone Rings, Past Present Future Rings

Diamond & Platinum Three Stone Ring With Pink Diamonds Set in Rose Gold Custom
Custom , Diamond , Gold , Platinum , Ring , Rose Gold , Three Stone

Pink Diamonds in Rose Gold

Custom Diamond Solitaire Ring with Hearts & Scallops
Custom , Diamond , Heart , Platinum , Ring , Solitaire

Diamond Solitaire, Fancy Hearts

Custom Ring
Ring , Solitaire , Three Stone

Protected: Client Gallery

Custom Solitaire Blue Sapphire Set in Gold With Platinum Oval Band
Custom , Diamond , Gold , Platinum , Ring , Sapphire , Solitaire

Sapphire Solitaire Set in Gold

Array of Jewelry

This array of jewelry is our offering to you, for your viewing, of a selection from among the many fine jewelry pieces that we either do now currently produce as part of our regular forte, or that we have, in the past, produced for others as custom pieces.  We have worked with many of the finest and best-known high-end jewelry companies World-wide, as well as with many of the best jewelry stores locally, and throughout the United States.

Available for Single Pieces or Quantity

We are available to help individuals achieve their dreams of a truly fine piece of jewelry and we are, at the same time, available as wholesale manufacturers for those seeking to have crafted any number of pieces with the intention of selling these via a jewelry store or on line.  Our only limitation is that we only make what is beautiful and what is of fine quality.

Variety and Versatility

We have referred to our offering as an ‘array’ instead of as a ‘portfolio,’ because we feel our array is indicative of a great deal of variety and versatility.  We have marshaled highly-developed talent in many differing aspects of the jeweler’s art, and we make good use of those talents.  We are accomplished in CAD jewelry design, the hand carving of wax, and fabricating directly in metal.  We are comfortable working with platinum and with gold of various karat qualities; and we regularly make pieces using casting techniques or through hand fabrication depending on which technique best fits the design.  Our diamond setting capabilities are equally well rounded.  We are adept at pave setting, channel setting, prong setting, bead setting, bezel setting and many more styles of setting that have gone unnamed.

Finishing that is Unsurpassed

The excellence to which we finish all of our works of art is certainly unsurpassed, and likely unequalled.  In addition to polishing the exterior of every piece to very high luster, we also finish every interior surface to a nearly unimaginable level, far beyond what we have ever seen on a piece of jewelry that was not made by us.

Crown Jewels or a Valentine’s Gift

Whether you are shopping for someone to make the crown jewels for your country or a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, we have got you covered.  No work of art is too large and none are too small.  Please take a look at our site, and contact us with your concept, plans, or goals.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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