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Riviere Diamond Tennis Necklace

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What is a Riviere diamond necklace?
A traditional Riviere necklace (pronounced riv-ee-air in English or ree-vyer in French), is designed with stones of the same shape and type set all the way around the necklace, like the piece you see here.

Our diamond riviere necklaces are hand-crafted from high-quality platinum and set with diamonds of VS2 or better quality. Prices start at $15,300.

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Would you like larger or higher quality stones? Are you interested in a specific diamond color? Do you have a special setting or clasp in mind? No problem. All of these things can be customized for you to make a truly unique diamond riviera necklace.

Custom Platinum or Gold Diamond Riviere Necklace

Rivière Platinum Riviera Necklace

Our standard model Riviere necklace is an elegant 16 inch, 3-prong or 4-prong necklace made in platinum and set with 7 or more carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds.

We can customize a necklace for you to be a specific length, set with your favorite stones, and made of gold or platinum. See below for some customizable options.

Riviere Necklace Options

Necklace Riviera Platinum Rivière
Necklace Riviera, Platinum Rivière

Metals – Platinum is the very best of metals for making jewelry, especially when set with diamonds; and therefore, it is our top choice in most instances.  However, we are happy to make your special piece in the metal of your choice, including but not limited to: 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold.  In many instances, these gold alloys can be just what is needed to make the most of a particular gem.

Gems and Diamonds – Most of our pieces are set with diamonds, but anything that we make can also be set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or the gemstones you prefer.

loose diamondsDiamond grade – Our preferred diamond grade is generally F to G in color and VS1 to VS2 in clarity.  This is because that grade generally strikes a good equilibrium between beauty and quality balanced by cost.  We can use higher or lower grade diamonds to suit the needs of your custom piece.

Diamond cut – All of the diamonds that we use are of a very fine make (cut). This is because that factor, how a diamond is cut, can make such a huge difference in the overall look.  We can even offer diamonds that are “ideal” cut.  These can be a bit more expensive, but the cost is often worthwhile, especially in smaller sizes.  This is because diamonds are priced by weight, and smaller sized diamonds just don’t weigh very much.  The result can be a huge difference in brilliance, for a little difference in cost.

Total carat weight – Our lightest weight necklace would be around 7 carats. (diamond weight) We can make necklaces of any weight from that up to 10X that weight and more.

Necklace length – Standard length for a riviera necklace is 16 inches.  However, we can make riviera necklaces of any length.

We are just a phone call or email away to assist you in making the best choice for your special piece. With more than 6 decades of experience, we can help you in selecting the best options for your perfect diamond riviera necklace. Call us: 602-301-8715

Diamond Riviera Necklaces - Riviere or Rivière?

You may have noticed that we used the term “Riviera Necklace.” So what is the difference you may ask? How is a “rivière” different from either “riviere” or the term “riviera?”

The short answer is that technically they are all the same thing, or at least when people speak of a “riviera necklace” they are referring to the same thing regardless of which term they use.

However, to understand the different uses it helps to know the history.

Brief History of Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the oldest forms of jewelry known. Some ancient necklaces date back to 28,000 BC and were rudimentary jewelry constructed from shells.

Even older than this, evidence of a bracelet or necklace built from eagle talons was found in a Croatian cave that may have been as much as 135,000 years old.

Though the art created in the Georgian era is often named for the predominant name for the English kings of the period, other European nations had a great deal of influence on the jewelry designs and trends of this time and many of the titles applied to these were French or Italian.

The riviere necklace style is believed to have had an increase in popularity during the Georgian era of 1714 to 1837 and it has maintained its favor since then. There are some who attribute this to Napoleon’s diamond necklace which he gave to his second wife to commemorate the birth of their son.

Though the nine dangle additions, (pendeloques), on this specific necklace are not an expected standard of riviere necklaces, the choker from which they are suspended is an excellent example of the riviere necklaces of the era.

Riviere were intended, as their name indicates, to be a river of gems worn close to the neck. Over the years there have been changes in how these necklaces are produced, but the beauty of these rivers of light has been maintained.

We use 95% platinum, 5% ruthenium, most often from Stuller

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