Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Cushion Cut Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelets & Hand Fabricated Diamond Bracelets

We have developed such skill in producing hand fabricated diamond tennis bracelets that they are our forte. Thus, we consider them a mainstay, part of our eternity collection, as well as considering them custom jewelry.

Cushion Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If a layout of cushion cut diamonds uses diamonds that are 1/2 carat a piece or larger, it is generally justified to make them as handmade jewelry, (fully hand fabricate jewelry). They are usually prong set to best display the radiance of the stones.

The diamonds are expertly matched and sized, each stone which has gained a position in the bracelet will then have a customized seat. This will be created with great diligence and exacting measurements for the particular stone.

This is why our master jewelers are able to produce bracelets which are truly heirloom pieces. The custom seat protects the stones while displaying them to their best advantage. Once created, the positions in the cushion cut diamond tennis bracelet cannot be conferred to another stone.

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Diamond Baguette Bracelet

One of the primary reasons diamond baguette bracelets are so beautiful, is that the long sides of each baguette can be placed very close to the long sides the neighboring baguette diamonds.  This creates a look of continuous diamonds, as if there were little or no metal. 

Baguette diamond bracelets are best created as  custom handmade jewelry, in order to allow for the unique seating of each diamond, and to place the diamonds as close as possible to one another, but without there being any danger of one diamond touching another diamond.  Such contact of one diamond with another could result in damage.

Diamond baguette bracelets, which are a variation of diamond tennis bracelets are truly one of our specialties.  They are custom jewelry.  Each such handmade bracelet really is one of a kind, since no two diamond layouts are the same, and therefore, it follows that no two executions are the same.

The baguette diamonds are channel set in platinum. These pieces of jewelry are so well made that with care, they could endure centuries as a family heirloom.

Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

For an emerald diamond tennis bracelet, the diamonds are prong set, just as they are for a cushion cut diamond tennis bracelet.

When seeking abundant and delightful rainbow reflections, the emerald cut is often chosen. As the wrist turns the ambient light plays across the stones and creates a coruscating rainbow to dazzle those who have the opportunity to behold one of these bracelets.

The crown of the emerald cut has horizontal stepped facets with a large table and the clarity of the stone is easily seen. The pavilion also has long stepped horizontal facets. Emerald cuts are octagons with four corners and four sides. Historically two of the sides would be longer creating the impression of a rectangle. However, the Asscher cut, developed by Joseph Asscher in the early 1900’s, has become a popular style for the emerald cut and is now referred to as a ‘square emerald cut’.

The Making of a Line Bracelet

The very finest ones are completely handmade bracelets.  They qualify as custom jewelry because they are handmade from beginning to end and are designed and execute specifically for their unique diamonds.  This is truly a pinnacle in handmade jewelry, requiring great skill and resulting in great beauty when excellently created.

The art of fabricating a handmade bracelet from scratch is not common.  It is one of the lost arts, and there are few that posses the knowledge of how to accomplish the task. 

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Diamond Tennis Bracelets * Custom Jewelry * Handmade Jewelry * Handmade Bracelets * Diamond Baguette Bracelets * Hand Fabricate Line Bracelets * Fine Quality

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