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Engagement & Wedding Set
Three Stone Past Present Future Ring & Diamond Eternity Band
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
Square Cut Diamond Solitaire in Custom Petal Setting
Engagement & Wedding Set
Pavé Diamond Wedding Band & Solitaire Diamond Pavé Engagement Ring
Three Stone Engagement Ring
Three Stone Past Present Future Engagement Ring
Diamond Pavé Wedding Band
Heart Engagement Ring
Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Shaped Platinum Engagement Ring
Heart Engagement Ring
Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Shaped Platinum Engagement Ring
Engagement & Wedding Set
Three Stone Past Present Future Ring & Diamond Eternity Band
Pricing for engagement rings starts at $2,700

Choosing Stones for an Engagement Ring

Whether you are planing on an engagement ring, a wedding band or a wedding set, we are able to provide you with many stone options for your intended piece of jewelry. If you prefer a design with multiple diamonds, we will acquire diamonds that meet your request and our master jewelers will ensure the stones are expertly matched with each other.

When making the decision of what carat to choose for the stones used in an engagement ring, there is often the question, “How would that look compared to a hand?” Carat refers to the weight of the stone. However, it is feasible to predict an approximate measurement, based on the average measurements of stones with the same carat weight and cut.

For the purposes of illustration, the stones which are portrayed here are Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds ranging from 1/4th carat to 5 carats, and her finger size is 6, which is the average size for a woman’s ring finger.

Diamond Carat & Hand Comparison

Engagement Ring/Wedding Band
  • Rubies
  • Diamonds
  • 18k Gold
  • Platinum

Colored stones are also an option to consider. Colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, are all excellent for their exquisite color variations. Some gem and metal combinations are without peer for their striking beauty. Examples include yellow diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and pink diamonds set in 18k rose gold. These diamond and gold combinations are without equal for their astonishing color harmony and brilliance

Another excellent pairing is white diamonds and platinum. Platinum has long been the metal of choice for many of our pieces. This metal is unsurpassed in showcasing diamonds while allowing structural portions of the jewelry to remain relatively thin. Platinum is extremely strong and can be polished to a high luster, of bright white. Thus, it is possible to create a diamond ring that appears to be made up entirely of white diamonds. 

Our metals are usually sourced from Stuller

Timeless Beauty & Affordable Elegance

We strive to create jewelry that will last virtually forever. We use only the finest materials, and only the best techniques, so that all of our jewelry is durable. Any one of our pieces can be expected to serve as an heirloom that can be passed along your family line for many generations. In addition to the requirement that our jewelry last structurally, we require that it stand the test of time in design.

Custom Rings

Rings created in our shop are specific to each customer. We do not have a stockroom full of prefabricated rings that we will try to convince you to select from. The wedding bands and engagement rings we make are all custom projects we have created for our customers based on their expressed wishes.

Our skills do perhaps show to their best advantage through our custom jewelry. Each piece has a unique set of challenges and requirements. We start in the design, creating sketches, taking measurements, choosing the materials. Then we begin to map out the architecture of the piece. Our pieces are perceived as miniature cathedrals of light. As was done with classical architecture, we seek to have the strongest support and structure possible, while having the greatest penetration of light. The colonnades, galleries, arcades, and azures we create enhance the radiance of each stone while giving an impression of lace in their refined lines.

   We look forward to creating a masterpiece for you

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