Large Diamond Hoop Earrings & Diamond Eternity Rings

Lacy Diamond Hoop Earrings

These beautiful diamond hoop earrings are designed to have the appearance of continuous diamonds inside and out and are considered part of our Eternity Collection.  The platinum in which the diamonds are set is fashioned in a series of arcs, creating a light and lacy effect.  While the lacy effect of the intricate platinum work is attractive, the earrings are carefully designed to make the diamonds the central focus.

Eternity Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

The earring backs are hand fabricated in a very unique design, using spring platinum, and provide the security of a post and clip combination.

The fronts are skillfully set with fourteen (seven per earring) 4.7 to 4.8 millimeter round brilliant diamonds.  The inside of the back, which is visible beneath the ear lobe, is carefully set with ten (five per earring) 4.3 to 4.4 millimeter round brilliant diamonds.  The rear-most surface is accented with eight (four per earring) 1.4 millimeter round brilliant diamonds, adding to the effect that there are diamonds everywhere.

These delightful diamond hoop earrings are between twenty five and twenty six millimeters in overall diameter, are comfortable to wear, and are very striking in appearance.  They are constructed of 95% platinum 5% ruthenium alloy, which is very strong and very slow to wear.  The combination of classic beauty and durability makes them a timeless heirloom that can be passed down for many generations within your family.  These earrings are lovingly and carefully crafted at every step of their construction process, as are all of our pieces.

The lacy arcing platinum work on these diamond hoop earrings, makes them a perfect match for the other items in our Infinity Collection, including eternity rings, circle of diamond necklaces, brooches and pendants, as well as our matching Riviera necklaces.  All are lovingly crafted to the highest level of excellence.

Eternity Rings, Infinity Rings, Wedding Set & Diamond Anniversary Bands

Our Eternity Rings, Infinity Rings, and Wedding Set are known for their surprising comfort for daily wear. These rings pair perfectly with the other items in our Round Diamond, Eternity Collection. The lacy arcing platinum work and brilliant diamonds create a circlet of endless light to adorn the hand.

The gift of an eternity ring is an earnest expression of enduring love and the transcendent significance of your relationship. They are often given as milestone jewelry, as diamond anniversary bands, or as jewelry to commemorate the birth of a child. Our eternity rings, circle of diamonds necklaces, brooches and pendants, diamond hoop earrings with diamonds inside and out, and our matching Riviere necklaces are all lovingly crafted to the highest level of excellence.

Circle of Diamonds Necklace and Brooch

Our circle of diamonds necklaces and broochs, are adaptable to being worn on a chain or as a brooch to adorn a lapel or the shoulder of a gown. We also have made a marquise diamond version of the circle of diamonds necklace * brooch * pendant.

These pieces are classically elegant, and are an excellent way to add polish and romance to both day and evening wear. With the delicate platinum work they pair well with the other items in our Eternity Collection.

Baguette Diamond Ring, Eternity Ring

We also produce baguette diamond rings and baguette diamond bracelets. These require a custom approach when creating them, as necessitated by the unique seating for each of the stones. However, we have developed such skill in producing hand fabricated diamond bracelets, they are quite literally our forte. Thus, we do not have them listed as being strictly custom projects but as part of our Eternity Collection.

The baguette diamonds are channel set in platinum. These pieces of jewelry are so well made that with care, they could endure centuries as a family heirloom.

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We produce Rivière Necklaces that are designed to be paired with our earrings and rings.
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