Diamond & Platinum Ring

Custom Platinum Fancy Engraved Diamond Ring
Custom Platinum Fancy Engraved Diamond Ring
Custom Platinum Fancy Engraved Diamond Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring or Diamond Anniversary Ring

This piece of beautiful jewelry is one of many examples of fine custom jewelry that we have synergistically produced to a customer’s specifications, making use of our artistic care and skilled guidance.  The center diamond is a fine quality cushion cut white diamond. 

Diamond Setting is one of our Specialties

Diamond setting is one of our specialties, and this ring certainly makes use of that capability.  There are 122 melee diamonds set in the shank, between the split in the shank, in the intricate gallery, and around the center diamond.  The diamond melees are hand set using a variety of methods, each chosen as the best style of diamond setting for the specific part of the ring.  The diamonds setting styles used include prong set, bead set, and bezel set.
Custom Platinum Fancy Engraved Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring in Platinum

The diamonds in this ring are all set in platinum, which is perhaps the best metal available for diamond setting, as it is strong, durable, and readily yields to the will, inspiration, and artistry of a skilled craftsman.  The net result is a beautiful ring that will last nearly forever if it is cared for, and who wouldn’t take care of a ring like this if they were fortunate enough to own it?

Custom Made Jewelry

Because this ring was made for one specific customer, and it was made to their specifications, it is not one that we are offering for sale, nor are we even offering to make one just like it.  We present it here as inspiration, as an example of the kind of work we are well capable of producing, and to show some of the techniques that we are adept at.
As with all of our pieces, this ring was made with the utmost care and consideration; care for the one who would ultimately be the wearer of it, care for the one requesting its production, and care for the very materials that go into its construction.

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