Half ct Pavé Diamond Heart

Lovely .57 Carat Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Pendant in Platinum. With 33 diamonds, total diamond weight is .57 carats. The pendant is 11.5 mm wide and 11.3 tall. On a 1.2 mm cable chain.

1ct Pavé Diamond Heart

Gleaming .97 Carat Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Pendant in Platinum. With 65 diamonds, total diamond weight is .97 carats. The pendant is 11.99 mm wide, 11.71 mm tall, and 6.89 mm thick. On a 1.2 mm cable chain.

3ct Pavé Diamond Heart

Dazzling 3.16 Carat Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Pendant in Platinum. With 65 diamonds, total diamond weight is 3.16 carats. The pendant is 17.79 mm wide, 17.26 mm tall, and 9.23 mm thick. On a 1.5 mm cable chain.

    Stunning skillfully handmade pendants set with fine diamonds.  Designed so that the entire front is filled with diamonds that are a bit larger than is usually found on similar pieces.  With diamonds set very close together, the front appears to be made up entirely of diamonds, with very little metal visible.  The back is graced by an enchanting lacy pattern.

    They are set with round brilliant diamonds that are VS1-VS2 in clarity, F to G in color, very well proportioned and very nicely cut.

    The pendant is installed on a cable chain that has a total length of 18 inches.  The chain is secured with a lobster claw clasp, that bears the marking “Pt 950.”  This marking identifies the material contained in the pendant, the chain, and the clasp as 95% platinum, 5% ruthenium, the best of jewelry-making metals.

     The hearts are customizable to your desired stone color and quality, they are also offered in gold instead of platinum. The prices listed reflect the materials used.

Puffed Pavé Diamond Heart Platinum Earrings

Pave Diamond Heart Necklaces, Diamond Heart Shaped Rings, Earrings, & Pendants

One of our favorite projects has long been our puffed heart collection, which includes pavé diamond heart necklaces, pavé diamond heart rings, and pavé diamond heart earrings.  Over a period of approximately 30 years, we have created an enormous variety of fine jewelry pieces that fit into this collection. 

Many of these pieces could be considered custom jewelry, meaning they were produced according to one customer’s desire, but the bulk of our diamond heart jewelry has been made in five basic patterns.  Additionally, we have made diamond heart necklaces and other jewelry in a variety of metals, but by far the greatest number of such pieces have been produced in platinum.

Why platinum?  We have made far more diamond hearts in platinum than in any other metal because the properties of the metal are unsurpassed for the purpose.  Platinum is extremely strong.  Therefore, it is possible to create a piece of jewelry that appears to be made up entirely of diamonds.

The structural members of the piece of jewelry that are made up of platinum can be relatively thin, allowing more space for diamonds.  This is exactly what is needed when creating a puffed pavé diamond heart necklace, ring, pendant, or pair of earrings that is covered with diamonds to the maximum degree.  Platinum is also excellent for making puffed pavé diamond hearts because it can be polished to a high luster and because its color, white, closely approximates the color of the most often used diamonds in fine jewelry, which is also white.

pave diamond heart necklace * diamond heart shaped ring * diamond heart earrings * diamond heart pendant

We use 95% platinum, 5% ruthenium, most often from Stuller

Though platinum has long been our metal of choice when crafting puffed heart, pavé diamond heart necklaces, pavé diamond heart rings, pave diamond heart earrings, and pavé diamond heart pendants, there are other diamond and metal combinations that are without peer for their striking beauty.

Examples include pavé yellow diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and pavé pink diamonds set in 18k rose gold. While platinum is unrivaled for its strength, these diamond and gold combinations are without equal for their astonishing color harmony and brilliance.

When it comes to color, there is no jewelry metal that can compare to gold. This is because there are only two metals on our planet that have color at all. Those two are gold and copper. Copper, by itself, is not desirable for jewelry, as it turns people’s skin green when it oxidizes. Copper, when alloyed with other metals to make brass or bronze, though it can look pretty, still has that nasty tendency to discolor a person’s skin. Only when alloyed with gold does copper come into its own, resulting in metals that have color, are relatively strong, and lack the propensity to change the hue of one’s skin.

It is by adding combinations of copper and silver to gold that varying colors are obtained such as: yellow gold, containing approximately equal parts of gold and silver; pink or rose gold, containing more copper and less silver; and green gold, containing more silver and less copper. The alloying (mixing) of gold with other metals can get a lot more complicated than this simplistic explanation, and there are other colors that are achievable, but this writing is only intended as a basic explanation. Perhaps one day I will go into greater detail for those who would find the information useful rather than boring.

Before I leave the topic of gold for now, I would like to address the question that may be on your mind; why add copper or silver at all? Why not just use pure gold? The answer has to do with strength, durability, and softness. While gold in its pure state is very beautiful, it is so soft that it would get bent out of its intended shape very easily; it lacks sufficient strength to securely hold gemstones set in it, and it wears away too fast to hold a polish in the short run, or to keep from being worn away in the long run.

Platinum, while lacking color, excels in every other respect. It is strong, resistant to wearing away, and hard enough to hold its shape. It takes a polish well and keeps that polish. When white diamonds are set in platinum, the metal can seem to blend away, appearing as though the piece is made up entirely of diamonds.

Our puffed pavé diamond heart necklaces, and other diamond heart jewelry, due to the excellence in their craftsmanship, and due to the excellence in their materials are timelessly beautiful, delicate in appearance, and yet are extremely durable. They are heirloom pieces that can be passed down in your family for literally countless generations.

I have often thought that one of our pavé diamond heart necklaces would last a thousand years if it was reasonably taken care of. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to prove or disprove this theory in a lifetime. I once had a client who had purchased many of them say to me, “Your hearts are so well made that you could drive a truck over one without doing damage!” Now, this theory could be proven or disproven in a lifetime, but I do not recommend it, and I offer no such guarantee.

We make puffed pavé diamond heart necklaces and other jewelry in a variety of patterns.

Pave Diamond Heart Necklace, Pendant 

Front Covered in Diamonds & Back Filigree, with a Pass-Through Chain

There are five primary patterns in which we make diamond heart pendants, that are worn as a necklace, using a pass-through chain. These include:

  1. Our smallest puffed pavé diamond heart necklace, which is roughly 11.3 millimeters in height containing 33 diamonds, with a total diamond weight of approximately 0.57 carats. This heart uses 1.8-millimeter diamonds toward the center, tapering to 1.3-millimeter diamonds toward the edges.

  2. Our second-smallest puffed pavé diamond heart necklace, which is roughly 12 millimeters in height containing 65 diamonds, with a total diamond weight of approximately 0.97 to 1.00 carats. This heart uses 1.9-millimeter diamonds near the center, tapering to 1.0-millimeter diamonds at the extreme edges.

  3. Our mid-sized puffed pavé diamond heart necklace, which is roughly 14.7 millimeters in height containing 68 diamonds, with a total diamond weight of approximately 1.50 carats. This heart uses 2.2-millimeter diamonds at center, tapering to 1.0-millimeter diamonds at the outermost edges.

  4. Our second largest puffed pavé diamond heart necklace, which is around 15.8 millimeters in height containing 69 diamonds, with a total diamond weight of approximately 2.10 carats. This heart uses 2.6-millimeter diamonds in the vicinity of center, tapering to 1.3-millimeter diamonds at the edges.

  5. Our largest puffed pavé diamond heart necklace, which is in the vicinity of 17.8 millimeters in height containing 65 diamonds, with a total diamond weight of approximately 3.00 carats. This heart uses 2.8-millimeter diamonds near the center, tapering to 1.5-millimeter diamonds at the edges.

These heart pendants are completely covered on the front with round brilliant full-cut diamonds of very fine quality. We use diamonds that are generally F+ in color and at least VS in clarity. We also are receptive to producing these hearts with the customer’s diamonds, in which case a different grade may be used, according to that client’s preferences.

The backs of our hearts are beautifully hand crafted in a lacy pattern, giving them a very delicate appearance. On the inside, they are nicely azured around each diamond, giving full exposure to the diamond culets. Indeed, the backs of these hearts are as beautiful as the fronts.

Diamond Heart Pendant

Covered Front and Back in Diamonds, with a Pass-Through Chain

In addition to these five primary configurations, we produce four variations that are covered in diamonds on both sides, rather than having a lacy back. The same diamond layout that is displayed on the front is repeated on the back, and the front and back patterns meet, blending perfectly together on the sides.

  1. The smallest of these double-sided pave diamond heart necklaces has 156 pavé-set diamonds with a total weight of about 2.15 carats.

  2. The next size of double-sided pave diamond heart necklace has 164 pavé-set diamonds with a total weight of around 3.30 carats.

  3. The second largest double-sided pave diamond heart necklace has 168 pavé-set diamonds with a total weight of about 4.50 carats.

  4. Our largest double-sided pave diamond heart necklace has 156 pavé-set diamonds with a total weight of approximately 6.50 carats.

Diamond Heart Ring

We produce several diamond heart rings that incorporate any one of the heart patterns that is used for the three smallest sizes of diamond heart pendants that we produce. These are gracefully mounted on a shank, that has been specifically designed for the purpose, allowing the pavé puffed heart to be worn as a beautiful ring.

The space that would ordinarily be used to thread a chain through the diamond heart pendant, in order to wear it as a necklace, is filled in with diamonds when these heart patterns are used to make rings.  Therefore, when we make a diamond heart ring, the total diamond weight for the piece is slightly heavier than the same size of heart completed as a pave diamond heart necklace/pendant.

These diamond heart rings make wonderful engagement rings, promise rings, and anniversary rings, and can be quite economical when compared to other options.  This is because a single substantial-sized diamond is far more expensive than numerous smaller diamonds that add up to the same total diamond weight.

Diamond Heart Earrings

Just as we use our basic heart patterns to produce diamond heart shaped rings, the two smallest sizes of puffed, pavé diamond hearts that we produce have also been fashioned into earrings. This includes an earring with a clip and post style of back that uses spring platinum for the fully-hand-fabricated ear back. 

These earrings are extremely secure, while remaining quite comfortable.  This earring back is very unique in design, and was engineered specifically for these earrings.  The spring effect of the platinum is due to working the platinum down through progressive rolling and extruding. 

The original piece of platinum begins about as thick as your thumb, and is worked down to the final wire size used to hand fabricate the spring backs.  This effect, that results in platinum becoming springy when worked is known as “work hardening.”    

We also make a wire hook back variation, (French Wire) and a couple of dangle variations that use a post and nut style of ear back.  These all are, likewise, comfortable, secure, and attractive.  All have been, for us, successful designs.

Just as a diamond heart shaped ring has no need for a hollow space for a chain to pass through, diamond heart earrings are also free of that need.  Therefore, diamond heart earrings, like diamond heart rings have a slightly higher diamond weight, when compared to their comparably sized pave diamond heart necklaces/pendants.

Custom Made Diamond Heart Jewelry


Having made more than a thousand individual diamond heart jewelry pieces, we have become quite adept at working with the nuances of the designs. We can therefore confidently offer our services in producing for you any heart jewelry design that you can imagine, or that we can help you imagine. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concept that you would love to see manifest in form.

New Diamond Heart Jewelry Designs

We truly specialize in designing and making diamond heart shaped jewelry.  Therefore, we are continuously developing new designs.  Please check back with us from time to time, to see what is new.  We do not ever expect to stop designing and making:

pave diamond heart necklaces * diamond heart shaped rings * diamond heart earrings * and diamond heart pendants.
3ct Pavé Diamond Heart

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Pavé Diamond Heart Necklace Pendant Earrings & Ring

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