Three Stone, Past Present Future Rings

Past Present Future Rings

…a commemoration and salute
to the progressive story of your life.


Your past with it’s cherished memories, the challenges faced and overcome.
The effort, love, pain, and joy which you have experienced.


This present moment, here where you are.
The wholeness of your current state and all of who you are right now.


Your future with all your dreams and aspirations yet to be seen.
The goals you set yourself and all of the surprises to be greeted along the way.

Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Prices Starting at $4,500. Can be customized to fit your needs. Call Now: 602-301-8715 to customize yours.

    The gift of a Three Stone Ring / Past Present Future Ring, is a sincere expression of enduring love and the transcendent significance of your relationship.
    Your past, how you met and began your journey together. Your present, with all of the experiences you currently share. Your future together, and all of the hopes and dreams for the years to come.
    Three Stone Rings are often given as milestone jewelry for anniversaries, and to commemorate the birth of a child. They are also given between friends to represent the enduring nature of your friendship. 

Diamonds and Gems for Three Stone Rings

Diamond Fire

    Some of the wonderful optical aspects of diamonds are their brilliance, (scintillating bright white glimmers), and their fire, (flares of rainbow color). The alignment of the facets in a diamond determines how they will display these. Light slows down when it enters a diamond and then speeds up again as it exits, separated with prismatic results.

    The surprised delight of witnessing diamond fire, is similar to the wonder and joy of a child watching a prism cast dancing rainbows. This image was an unexpected blessing from one of our photo shoots. Fire is usually seen while the jewelry is in motion.

    Colored stones are also an option to consider. Colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, are all excellent for their exquisite color variations.

Metals for Past Present Future Rings

Platinum has long been the metal of choice for many of our pieces. This metal is unsurpassed in showcasing diamonds while allowing structural portions of the jewelry to remain relatively thin. Platinum is extremely strong and can be polished to a high luster, of bright white.  Thus, it is possible to create a piece of jewelry that appears to be made up entirely of white diamonds.

There are however, other gem and metal combinations that are without peer for their striking beauty.

Examples include yellow diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and pink diamonds set in 18k rose gold. While platinum is unrivaled for its strength, these diamond and gold combinations are without equal for their astonishing color harmony and brilliance.

Pricing starts at $4,500. Our metals are usually sourced from Stuller

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality jewelry for you and your loved ones. Having excellent stones is essential for any 3-stone ring. It is important to keep in mind how the stones will interact with the light and each other, as well as what colors will be used to convey the sentiments of your heart.

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